Zac efron dating in 2016

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Their names together evoked eau de John Mellencamp (with notes of a little diddy about Jack and Diane), which might have been tacky for any other couple, but they wore it with grace.

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Because we just LOVE a coming out story, we thought we'd brighten up your day with these amazing stars who have opened up about their bisexuality! Without further ado, ch-ch-check out all these badass bisexual celebs (below)!! Of course, nothing can top Britney Spears' Pepsi commercial in which the pop icon danced her way through decades of Pepsi commercials into the new millennium. Ch-ch-check out the best celeb-starring Super Bowl commercials (below) — and watch the New England Patriots face off against the Atlanta Falcons Sunday at p.m. CLICK HERE to view "Times Celebrities Made The Best Super Bowl Commercials!

This is the case for many celebrities, including famous actors like Channing Tatum and country superstar, Kenny Chesney.

While this may sound silly and perhaps even ridiculous, that’s the way it works.

They’ve been floating around for as long as the California born actor has been appearing in movies and on television.

We’ve covered this handsome star in the past on the blog (see our posts) in an effort to help readers better understand who Efron is and offer context about why these gay/bi rumors exist.

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