Updating ram in ibm thinkpad 600x

T43 seems very picky when it comes to memory modules.

--Numeric (talk) 6GB: 4GB: Micron MT16HTS51264HY 2GB: Kingston KTH-ZD8000C6 Passed Windows Memory Diagnostic (Standard), but system became slightly unstable, app crash every 1-2 hours, failed Lenovo Toolbox memory test.

The program will automatically update and perform erasing on the rom and then finish with "Update complete". * Hold F1 down as you turn the laptop back on and go into Easy Setup under "Config" click on Initialize to ensure defaults and settings are error free. If I wouldn't found instructions for this, the thinkpad would have ended up in the trashbin. I have an IBM Thinkpad 600x and I was trying to update to firmware ITET55WW to support Windows XP. copy following files from update disk to hard drive.

* Place the disk into the Laptop, reboot and allow the machine to load via the floppy * At the command prompt, type "FLASH2. The program will automatically search for the files *. FL2 and load the bios first then the platform file. No problem updating BIOS, although I did feel a butterfly or two in my stomach will update was running.

You might be able to work around it but why bother.

From there, you can disconnect the battery lead and pull it free. The guy at Radio Shack was in awe of the yellowness of the battery.

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I downloaded bootable cd-image from and followed the instructions but still no luck. I replied that the unit was out of warranty anyway, was arttached to a UPS and I promised not to complain if I bricked the laptop. I am not paying for a new battery for something worth ... Spaceman, Maybe you could cheat the old thinkpad to think it has a battery. EXE These files can be found on upgrade bios archive, and can be downloaded, from IBM site. Not exactly high end but hey, it’s a Thinkpad and it was fairly cheap.After she got her Powerbook I installed Debian on it and used it as a backup laptop.Instead it greeted me with the BIOS error code “161, 192, 163″, which is computer speak for “What the fuck, I can’t remember who or what I am.” I did a little googling and found that this Thinkpad uses a very standard battery for CMOS, the CR2025, which can be bought damn near anywhere.I picked one up at Radio Shack for under .50 with tax. Remove the cover housing the memory and pull the top piece of memory.

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