The 7 least intimidating mma nicknames

Others like the B-2 Boomerang don’t catch on quite as well.

Last month, a panel of F-35 pilots were asked at a Navy conference in San Diego if the Joint Strike Fighter has received an unofficial nickname yet. Recognizing the gravity of the moment, a colonel in the audience yelled out to the panel, “here’s your chance to make history.” Navy Cmdr.

Pepperdine Waves – The Waves are only slightly more intimidating than the Green Wave simply because they are not green. Portland Pilots – What type of pilot are we talking about here? Since there’s no “Fightin’,” in front, we’ll assume it’s the airline pilot.

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He was also the first foreign MMA Champion in Japan, winning the title of King of Pancrase.

During his reign as the UFC Superfight Champion, he was widely considered the #1 mixed martial artist in the world.

Shamrock is the founder of the Lion's Den mixed martial arts training camp.

And no, I’m not talking about Cowboy Astronaut cigarettes.

Leading up to Robert Whittaker’s fight with Ronaldo Souza, Jon Anik dropped a “Bobby Knuckles” reference. We at the Co-Main Event podcast didn’t invent the “Bobby Knuckles” moniker – a guy named Colby Hentges came up with it – but we liked it as soon as we heard it and we didn’t give much thought to how Whittaker would feel about it if one day he showed up for the biggest fight of his life and everybody was calling him some name he’d never heard before. Isn’t that, to some extent, how nicknames are supposed to work? You don’t just think of something scary and badass that you’d like to be called, then force it upon the world.

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