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Mr Wright also alleged that Cosford warned Mc Bride not to use his mobile phone because prison authorities were tracing calls - something he said she would not have done for someone who was allegedly raping and threatening her.

Prosecutors say that, despite the defendants denying the charges, Flynn admitted during police interviews that she stood guard outside Mc Bride's cell while the pair were inside - and heard the 'jangling' of Cosford's keys - while Falloon told police she had disturbed them having sex.

The jury heard Flynn, of South Kirkby, West Yorkshire, told police during interviews that Mc Bride would rant and rave about Cosford and if she did not say goodbye when she ended her shift he would be upset.

Enter Second Life, create a vampire avatar and live like one! Reign of Blood is apparently where all the vampires are! This world will give you the impression that immortals actually exist! Explore the infested city and fight your way to survive the massive zombie outbreak.

If you're interested in seeing more, non-sex, action of the game's first-person perspective, check out our four-hour gameplay stream.

A prison nurse romped with a convicted rapist while colleagues stood guard and sent him text messages on his contraband mobile phone telling him 'you're generous, sensitive and dead sexy', a court heard.

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