Great expectations online dating service

And the people you will meet are single and belongs to your area.

It will review the answers to your Confidential Profile and tell you more about your options for meeting other quality singles through them.

Great Expectations is an affiliate Program for online dating, relationship-related affiliates and matchmaking.

It is the nation's premiere destination for meeting and dating quality singles since 1976.

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“When we first got started, members would come into the centers for their interview with the matchmakers, and they would then continue to come into the center each week to make their selections, or find out who selected them, but with the changes in technology the business had to move with it,” said John Meriggi, owner of 14 locations.

Great Expectations members are intelligent, attractive professionals in search of meaningful relationships. At Great Expectations our members are pre-screened and qualified for a safer and enjoyable dating experience.

Helping people in finding true love, Great Expectations had 30 years of experience.

It seems to be happening all around us…but not to us. I was excited to go out, to meet someone, maybe get laid. Understand the process is backwards and to take things slowly.

I start to make allowances, excuses then I think, “Shouldn’t that be my barometer, my acid test…‘super interested? The girl I saw online and though, “If we ever meet, we’re going to fall in love” (you know exactly what I’m talking about), she answers. After a couple of flirty emails you talk on the phone, twenty minutes in, you ask her out, you set a date. This is it, she’s “The One.” This is the girl that’s finally going to change your life forever! You work out, get a tan, make sure your favorite shirt is clean. I’m not saying you shouldn’t be hopeful, you have to have hope. At the time, I was new to online dating and didn’t know almost everyone online actually looks this far down the line. I started having the same crazy expectations myself.

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