Dating with the sexual revolution

There are expatriates here, hipsters with large bushy beards, lumbersexuals (masculine young men with trimmed beards who wear flannel shirts, jeans and work boots, often tattooed, who don’t exactly cut down trees but could give small woodworking a go), advertising and media professionals, aspiring models and actors, and bankers and corporate professionals washing the week’s business tension away.

The patrons of Doolally Taproom, a trendy new pub in Mumbai’s Bandra suburb,s and both in and outside the outlet, craft beer and cigarettes in hand, whispering into one another’s ear.

The third, Dhruv, an old friend who has moved to Mumbai, works at a bank.

In this trendy new pub, these three are trying to score a date through Tinder, the app that is hailed to have brought about a dating revolution.

1973 was a vital year that involved an increasing availability and popularity of self help books as well as the legalization of abortion.

Attitudes to a variety of issues changed, sometimes radically, throughout the decade.

The study was based on representative online survey conducted in November 2012.

Quotas were created for Moscow, Kiev and Minsk (about 200 people from each city), males (50 %) and females (50%), two age groups (18-35 and 36-55 years old).

The collapse of the Soviet Union has led not only to political and economic liberalization, but also to the sexual one.

However, despite the similarity of some changes in Russia with the Western sexual revolution of the 1960's (sexuality in public sphere, a large number of sexual partners, acceptance ofone-night relations and sex without love) in Russia there was a lack of its’ key components (greater gender equality, rejection of political patriarchy, coming-out practices and acceptance of people with alternative sexual preferences, and “free love”).

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