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It’s Skype talks with online friends/acquaintances to hammer out new projects and participate in lovefests.

It’s vision boards and manifesting and creating your art (whatever your art may be) because to hold it inside physically pains you.

But I don't know." The couple were granted a quickie divorce back in May after announcing their split three months earlier.

Although Millie cited the cause was for "unreasonable behaviour," the pair released a joint statement confirming that the break-up was "amicable." It read: "It is with sadness and regret that we confirm our separation.

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It’s knowing that you’ll be the next Oprah, Richard Branson, Hillary Clinton, Amy Adams, Lady Gaga… One of the things I see in a lot of you is this burning desire to live a life of passion and excitement and abundance. And an unlimited supply of chocolate that doesn’t go straight to your ass! I want to throw caution to the wind and pound some bongo drums and write a NY Times Bestseller. The thrilling part of seeking that passion in your own life is that it serves up sexy questions: What is your mission in life? star sparked speculation that she had reunited with her ex-boyfriend after posting several photos of the couple together on Instagram, including a snap of them kissing during Hugh's 30th birthday weekend.CLICK TO VIEW GALLERY Millie and Hugo briefly dating in 2011 As Millie's ex-husband, Professor Green, was also attending to festival, Hugo spoke about the possibility of bumping into him, saying: "It's a festival [it could happen].

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