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Today I went to this location 6250 westward to see about a couple of storage units wanted to share what a great experience I had with the two most accommodating Ladies in the office Ashley and Trisha were so friendly kind sympathetic to my needs and very helpful to show me the units more then once . I was overwhelmed at their friendliness and kindness !!! Surely, whether you are a tourist or not, you find yourself wanting to find a good place to stay once in a while.This may be due to your obvious need of a hotel or, after working overtime or a whole day spent with friends/relatives, you just want to lay down in an overly comfortable bed and not take that 1-2hr drive to your home.Taking all this into consideration, I’m not sure how it ended up being twinned with both Birmingham and Sunderland.We stayed very close to a modern entertainment area called Nanjing 1912. Sun Yat-sen led the Xinhai revolution to overthrow the Qing Dynasty and create the Republic of China with Nanjing as the capital.

In 1937 the Japanese army invaded Nanjing and over 6-8 weeks systematically raped and killed the inhabitants of the city.

Although, my move in date is scheduled for the end of August I believe I've found the perfect location.

Ms Alexis, Ramon and Tricia were all knowledgeable of their products and the customer service was truly Outstanding!!!

Or at least had the courtesy to talk about me behind my back while I was away, killing it at the slot machines.

(Me and Grandma raked it IN.) For that kindness I will not post any photos of any of these lovely women in compromising positions. Also luckily, I travel with people who have incredible taste in restaurants.

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